Employee Ambassadors

The Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation sponsors and coordinates the Johnson Memorial Hospital Ambassador program that allows an opportunity for JMH employees to help promote the value and programs of the hospital.

Ambassabors get the opportunity to attend special events to learn more about the mission and services of the hospital and to see how it best serves the community. They attend seminars, take field trips and meet with Foundation and hospital leadership team members to become more engaged in the total JMH healthcare experience.

The ambassadors represent all departments and specialty areas of Johnson Memorial Hospital.

For more information about the program, contact Jennifer Tennell or Brooke Hommel at 317-346-3703 or by email at foundationmail@johnsonmemorial.org 


 Sara Atwood - Patient Accounts

Amber Biddle - I/T

Cindy Broshears - Quality Resources

Michelle Coner -Discovery Child Care Center

Barbara Eckart - Cardiac Rehab

Teresa Fobes - FPJC

Marlene Gerline - Pharmacy

Terri Gold-Gatewood - Emergency Dept.

Tilly Harris - Nutrition Services

Victoria Hebert - Billing

Joey Hollis - Emgergency Dept.

Brooke Kramer - Accounting

Brian Murphy - Rehab Services

Zelda Peters - Registration

Beth Ross - Marketing

Dona Thomas - Education

Nancy Voris - Partnership / Tobacco Free Johnson County

Eileen Williams - Weightloss & Wellness Center

Brandin Knigga- Materials Management

Brenda Jay- Medical Information

Tasha Balistrire- Respiratory Therapy

Jessica M. Jones- Immediate Care Center





We witness the Foundation's generosity helping every patient, every day.

Larry Heydon

JMH President & CEO

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