Reflection Garden 4 x 8 Brick

You may order your Surgery Center Reflection Garden Brick  for $100 each by using this secure form. The process is secure, and donations can be made in just a few minutes. Each 4 x 8 brick can accomodate up to three lines, 18 characters on each line (including spaces and commas.) We also can send notification to someone about the honor. We also have a limited number of 8 x 8 bricks as well for $250 each. Click here if you are interested in an 8 x 8 brick If you have questions, please contact us at 3173-346-3703 or email us at

Please provide your information for contact purposes and to order your brick. Each brick requires a new order.

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Please provide your credit card payment information to order your brick. Each brick requires a new order.

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Please provide the inscription for your brick. The maximum number of characters is 18, including commas and spaces. You can include up to three lines. For example:

                           In Honor of
                        Joe and Mary

Line 1 (maximum 18 characters including spaces, commas)
Line 2 (maximum 18 characters including spaces, commas)
Line 3 (maximum 18 characters including spaces, commas)


If you would like the Foundation to send a notification of your gift, please fill out the following:

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Through the Foundation, we give back to a hospital that has given so much to our health.

Doug Stewart

JMH Foundation Board President

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