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JMH Foundation plays supportive role in changing industry

The healthcare industry has undergone remarkable change since the Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation was created in 1985. Remarkable scientific achievements have dramatically improved treatments and outcomes of illness and injuries. Yet, those advances have come at considerable cost.

So as the healthcare business models continue to be revised, hospital foundations play an increasingly important supportive role -- especially for community hospitals.

Foundations became popular in the late 1960s, when government funding for hospitals started to decrease. Since then, funding has continued to decline while costs of providing services have continued to rise.

Now hospitals often receive less reimbursement from insurance companies and the government than what it costs to provide the service. This reduction in payment costs hospitals billions of dollars every year. At the same time, the costs of labor, medications and technology are increasing. And then there are the approximately 44 million uninsured Americans who need health care whether they can pay or not. According to the American Hospital Association, nearly one-third of U.S. hospitals lose money every year. These strains have made foundations and fund raising more important than ever to hospitals’ survival.

The Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation supports such diverse initiatives as providing scholarships for emerging health-care leaders, assisting the building of state-of-the-art Cancer Care Center, helping the endowment of a medical clinic for the uninsured, and assisting in the establishment of a successful healthy community coalition.

Our board of directors consists of leaders in healthcare, financial, legal and business industries -- all of whom are committed to supporting initiatives of Johnson Memorial Hospital and programs that promote healthy living in our community.

The JMH Foundation Board meets regularly to decide needs and how best to raise the funds. The board has a long-range strategic plan and works in direct partnership with Johnson Memorial Hospital's leadership team.

The Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation has been  instrumental in envisioning and bringing to fruition a healthier community for all.

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Through the Foundation, we give back to a hospital that has given so much to our health.

Doug Stewart

JMH Foundation Board President

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