JMH Foundation Award

For Continuing Education of JMH Employees


JMH Foundation Professional Development Award:  To financially assist Johnson Memorial Hospital employees in continuing their education in a health-related field, with the expectation the recipient remain at Johnson Memorial Hospital at the completion of his/her program to make a positive impact on the department, the employee and Johnson Memorial Health.
This award is not intended for tuition purposes but designed to cover single, short-term professional development (seminar, workshop, education programs and/or certifications) within the employee's area of work.


The Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation will award funds based on the following:

1. Applicant has submitted a completed application.

2. Applicant qualifies based on individual scholarship criteria.

3. Applicant will be scored (highest to lowest) using criteria outlined in the procedures below.


The following procedure will be used to rank applicants for the Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation Professional Development Award:

1. Applicants will be scored and ranked on leadership and achievements.

2. Applicants will be scored to the extent to which other reimbursement options at are available.

3. Applicants will be scored based on perceived benefit to the department and Johnson Memorial Hospital.


The completed application must be submitted to the Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation by April 2, 2019. Applications that do not conform to the requirements will not be considered.





Through the Foundation, we give back to a hospital that has given so much to our health.

Doug Stewart

JMH Foundation Board President

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