Montgomery RN Scholarship

For Students Pursuing a Registered Nurse Degree


To financially assist Johnson County residents pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at any recognized and accredited college or university in Indiana.  This scholarship is a memorial to Freda P. and Millard R. Montgomery, who wanted to give back to their community by providing financial assistance to those pursuing a nursing degree.


The Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation will select winners based on the following:

1. Applicant has submitted a completed application.

2. Applicant qualifies to apply based on individual scholarship criteria.

3. Applicants will be scored using criteria outlined in the procedures below and awarded based on the highest score.


The following procedure will be used to rank applicants for the Freda P. and Millard R. Montgomery Registered Nursing Scholarship according to scholastic ability and financial need.

1. Applicants will be scored and ranked on prior academic performance including GPA and Class Rank.

2. Applicants will be scored and ranked on SAT scores.

3. Applicants will be scored and ranked on cumulative GPA in math, science and health-related studies.

4. Applicants will be scored and ranked on financial need.

5. Top applicant will receive award in the amount of $1,000 per semester (maximum) for the duration of nursing school while meeting guidelines.


The completed application must be submitted to the Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation by April 2, 2019. Applications that do not conform to the requirements will not be considered.



Through the Foundation, we give back to a hospital that has given so much to our health.

Doug Stewart

JMH Foundation Board President

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